Justin Maury

Justin Maury, Chief Operating Officer, Director and Founder

Justin Maury first joined Creatd in 2013, bringing with him ten years of experience in the creative industry. After partnering with Creatd co-founder Jeremy Frommer, Justin, a full stack designer and product developer by training, led the Company’s product development for four years. His passion for the creative arts and technology ultimately yielded the vision for Creatd's flagship product, Vocal. During these formative years for the company, Justin was a driving force in creating the vision, design and architecture for the Vocal platform and managing the oversight of technology development, and the platform continues to grow and evolve under Justin’s supervision. In August 2021, Mr. Maury was named as Creatd's Chief Operating Officer. In September 2022, Mr. Maury was appointed to the Company's Board of Directors.