Robby Tal

Robby Tal, Chief Information Officer
Robert Tal is Chief Information Officer at Creatd, Inc., a role to which he was appointed following nearly eight years of experience building and running data management and analytics capabilities, leading the Company’s growth marketing strategy and team encompassing acquisition and lifecycle, managing data science projects focused on subscription growth and maintaining strong collaboration with the product team; under Mr. Tal’s supervision, the Company has significantly increased its return on advertising spend as well as lowered its customer acquisition costs. During his lengthy tenure with Creatd, Mr. Tal has gained in-depth knowledge of the Company’s business and operations, and has worked closely with executive team, board of directors, and leaders of each of Creatd’s business units to advance the Company’s business intelligence capabilities, develop and maintain information systems controls and strengthen Creatd’s information technology organization. He has an undergraduate degree in information technology and informatics from Rutgers University.